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Dave Claus explains what to do with your broken holiday lights.
Listen to Battery Newman's hit song Turn Me In about taking waste to Eco Stations
Leaves are a great addition to compost
Bringing a reusable lunch reduces the amount of waste you create everyday.
Next time you visit a recycle depot you may notice things have brightened up.
I compost at work.
Make useful stuff out of reclaimed fabric.
Use a reusable, washable cloth bag. Mine are made from reclaimed fabrics. :)
Use a reusable mug when you are out and about, and tote your own tea bags with you!
Bringing a reusable water bottle everywhere helps keep our city clean.
Taking your recyclables home helps keep them out of scary garbage bins.
"I leave my clipping on the lawn" by Mayor Iveson
Battery Newman in the Reuse Area of the Kennedale Eco Station
Battery newman reminding us all to bring unused paint to an Eco Station
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Battery Newman thanks Eco Station staff for taking care of his chemical pals
Watch 3 R's Song by Jack Johnson
Turn Them In: Hidden Horrors
See how everyone helped create a mural for the new northeast Eco Station.
Take old light bulbs or light fixtures to an Eco Station.
Take any fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides to an Eco Station.
Get a new computer? Take your old one or any electronic waste to an Eco Station for free.
Take hazardous cleaning products you no longer use to an Eco Station.
Take anything with a cord or battery to an Eco Station.
Getting a new washer or dryer? Take your old ones or any old appliances to an Eco Station.
Dispose of fire extinguishers and propane tanks at an Eco Station.
Automobile fluids can be taken to an Eco Station free of charge.
Take bulky items like old furniture to an Eco Station for a small fee.
Take unwanted or broken small appliances like toasters or blenders to an Eco Station.
Show that you Go Bagless with a lawn sign
Collect and donate items to the Reuse Centre
Donate unwanted holiday items to the Reuse Centre
Use compost to make your soil, plants, garden and lawn healthier
Bring reusable bags when grocery shopping
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You can use any mower to Go Bagless
Plan to use your leftovers or only cook what you can eat
Use a travel mug and carry a reusable water bottle
Go Bagless and leave your clippings on the lawn
Take unused paint to Eco Stations to be be reused or recycled
Host a garage sale or Reuse Fair
Cut only 1/3 of the grass height to keep your lawn healthy
Go Bagless: it's the number one way to reduce waste
Basset belly metrics are used to show how to Go Bagless
Put up a “What Goes Where” poster near your recycling and garbage
Chop your composting materials into small pieces — it will break down quicker
Donate used coats to charity to keep others warm this winter
Put a no junk mail notice on your mailbox
Compost more than vegetable scraps
Collect small Eco Station items in a box to save trips
Take old batteries to an Eco Station
Recycle your natural Christmas tree
Start composting with a backyard composting bin
Use cloth towels instead of paper towels
Compost with a vermicomposting bin if you live in an apartment
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Take a second pass over grass clumps to help it break down
Donate your gently used clothing to charity
Donate your gently used clothing to charity
Make your coffee with a french press, mocha pot or reusable K cup
Put a recycling bin in the bathroom for empty product bottles
Mow often, about every 4 to 5 days during spring/summer
Use buy-and-sell websites like Facebook or Kijiji
Give experiences for gifts
Use old containers for household organization
Refill containers for items like soap, dish and laundry detergent rather than buying new ones
Pack your lunch in a reusable container
Don Iveson and Andrew Ference show us how to Go Bagless
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